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Cloud-based HR software solutions to help you grow

Keep your team productive and engaged with HR software systems and tools that help you attract and retain the best talent. 

Sage HR software solutions and benefits

HR software, also known as HR management software, provides human resources departments with the toolkit to manage employee related tasks. 

From cloud-based HRM programmes to consultancy, get everything you need from our HR solutions. Your employees are your most valuable asset so make your business the workplace of choice.

When it comes to finding the right software for managing your people, our HR tools help you future-proof your small or medium business for success.

How can your team benefit from implementing HR software?

Our HR management systems help cut time spent on processes, giving you more flexibility to create a positive work environment, and maximise your employees' potential.

Streamline HR tasks

Your HR team can streamline their processes to keep on top of everyday tasks. From reducing the need for paperwork, to better integrating your payroll, our HR software keeps UK businesses compliant and saves hours on admin.

  • Manage paperless expenses and holiday requests
  • Give employees self-service capabilities
  • Get tracking for hiring, onboarding, and training staff 

Manage employee performance

Give your employees the chance to thrive in your business, with a full view of productivity and development opportunities within your team:

  • Manage goals, training, and objectives to help grow their skills
  • Schedule meetings without the back and forth
  • Find, hire, and reward the right talent

Make informed business decisions

Customisable reports allow you to access insights from across your team. With people management software you can:

How to set up HR software whilst running your business

When it comes to setting up HR and payroll software for your business, Sage help make it easy. Follow the simple steps below to get started:

Onboard your employees

Upload your employee database to your new online staff directory with a few clicks.

Automate your HR process

Keep track of random time off and shift change requests hassle-free.

Get meaningful insights

Use filters to create custom reports and tailored graphs with data.

Help your staff thrive with Sage HR software solutions

Sage HR

Ideal for up to 250 employees

For small to medium sized businesses that want a modular HR system that will simplify processes across the end-to-end employment journey

  • Simplified end-to-end HR system that’s easy to administrate
  • Core HR and leave management with additional modules for performance, timesheets, shift scheduling, recruitment and expenses
  • Modular design, pricing and setup
  • Ready to go out of the box, no implementation required
  • Establish a single source of truth for all your employee data
  • Automate people processes to reduce admin and improve productivity
  • Easy to navigate employee self-serve for better employee experience 

Sage People

Ideal for 200+ employees 

For medium sized businesses that want to manage global or multi-locational teams from a single, scalable cloud system

  • Highly configurable HR and people solution managed by your HR team 
  • Core HR, attendance and leave, performance and talent management, compensation management with additional recruitment module available 
  • Built on Salesforce, an enterprise grade platform
  • Team of implementation experts to get maximum value, followed by a dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • Meet multi-national, multi-currency and multi-locational employee requirements 
  • Advanced workflows and configurable reporting to meet specific business requirements 
  • Customisable branding and content per business area for personalised employee self-serve 

Sage HR Advice Manager

For businesses wanting unlimited access to professional, fully qualified advice teams for HR, employment law, and health and safety advice.

  • Choose what advice you need, when you need it – from employment law to resource management
  • Work on existing and historical cases quickly and efficiently with Case Manager
  • Unlimited access to advice. Speak to our specialist advisors as often as you need at no additional charge.
  • Assurance of £20,000 indemnity protection per case
  • Access hundreds of useful policy documents and easy to understand HR advice

Sage HR Advice Director

For businesses looking for unlimited access to a qualified, expert consultant who'll work remotely as part your team or as your primary HR provision.

  • Access to a dedicated expert consultant for HR or resource management advice
  • Unlimited telephone support and 24/7 online advice
  • Assurance of £50,000 indemnity protection per case
  • Tailor support; choose what advice you need and when you need it
  • Hundreds of forms, templates, and HR policies on hand to make complex laws understandable

Sage HR Advice Consultancy

For businesses looking for unlimited access to a qualified, expert consultant who'll work remotely as part your team or as your primary HR provision.

  • Face-to-face advice from a dedicated, professional HR consultant
  • A flexible service fits around your timetable
  • Help and support for any of your HR needs
  • Professional in-depth reviews of your HR documents, systems, and procedures
  • Fixed daily rate - with no hidden costs
  • Your choice in our level of involvement - we can work with your team or operate independently

Find the perfect fit for your business

Use our helpful solution finder to get custom fitted with the perfect people management solution for your business.

Remove admin barriers, and grow your people

Looking to digitally transform your HR? Our resources can illustrate how to spend less time on admin, and more time helping your team thrive.

"The more we do with Sage Business Cloud People, the more strategic the HR team can be to the business and help achieve our ambitious growth aspirations."

Lee Shaw
Head of HR Service and Delivery, Shawbrook Bank

HR software FAQs

HR Software, also known as HR management software, is designed to help you and your human resources department manage and optimise all HR tasks within your business. This can include management of your staff and contractors by bringing all records together in one place. HR software allows you to streamline some processes and automate others, giving your team the ability to manage time and resources more efficiently. Get notifications, approve requests, and access data anytime, from anywhere in just a few clicks.

HR software resources can cover a vast range of features and tools, including:

  • Managing staff personal details.
  • Managing absences including holidays, sickness, parental leave and other absences.
  • Staff performance.
  • Rewards and recognition.
  • Payroll.
  • Documentation such as staff handbooks and business policies.
  • Working patterns and shift scheduling.
  • Timesheet submission and management.
  • Recruitment and staff onboarding.
  • Company announcements to staff.
  • Staff surveys.
  • Clock-in and clock-out.
  • Expense management.
  • Tracking equipment loans such as computers and mobiles.
  • Reports for HR and line managers.
  • Information for enrolment and recruitment.
  • eSignature for electronic document signing.
  • Org charts to view and edit company structure.
  • Mobile apps for self-service.

HR software resources built by Sage can help make your business flow. Human resources software frees up time, money, and resources so that your team can focus on what they do best – creating a better, balanced, and engaging work environment. Sage HR software is flexible and can be customised for your business size and needs, especially as your team grows. 

Whether you need to oversee your employees across multiple countries and locations, manage employee information, or oversee reports to keep you in the loop, Sage helps you do it all. 

People are at the heart of every successful business, and with the right tools and processes in place, you can take your organisation to the next level. Easily manage employee data and contracts, support staff development, and keep your people engaged. Generate detailed, custom reports with just a few clicks, source the best talent, and make sure the needs of your business and your staff are always met.

Human resources software is suitable for any business that employees staff, or has a growing team. Sage HR is ideal for both small and medium-sized businesses with up to 250 employees, as well as those with more complex business and HR reporting needs. This might also include businesses which have recently grown, or are continuing to recruit new talent. Sage HR is modular and customisable, allowing you to choose the features you need, and set up processes specific to your business.  HR software resources will help you keep on top of admin for your team, no matter how big or small. 

Sage HR software resources are easy to use, flexible, and allow you to access your data anywhere, anytime.

HR software can help your business in several ways:

  • Reduces admin for HR managers and teams by streamlining all processes, from booking and approving holidays to performance reviews.
  • Improves staff engagement with surveys and announcements.
  • Helps you make better decisions with reports on metrics such as staff absence, performance, and employee retention.
  • Provides better data and GDPR compliance by allowing you to manage and store personal data in one place with secure, controlled access.
  • Keeps all your policies in one place up to date, ensuring all staff have access to the latest versions.
  • Helps you recruit, onboard, and develop talent to give employees the skillsets to progress and help your business grow.

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